Trolling for lake salmon on lake Vänern in Sweden

The biggest lake in Sweden, lake Vänern, is also the biggest inland lake in Europe and the size of the fish go with it. The trout are betwean 2–16 kilos and the lake salmon are from 2–12 kilos. The minimun size of fish to be taken is 60cm. Trolling is done with large open boats and the day trips take around 8 hours.

The price includes guides,fishing tackle, floting overalls,lunch on the boat and drinks. Catches of over 10 fish per day are possible on lake Vänern and the best chances for this is from October to January. Also the spring, right after the ice has melted is a peak period all the way until May. The normal trip is from two to four days with accomodation in cabins by the lake.