Salmon fishing

Wild salmon is the king of fish and the most sought after catch for most fishermen. We organize a lot of different salmon fishing trips, especially in Scandinavia. 

Weather you prefer to fly fish, harling or fish from the bank, everything is possible. We can be on small rivers lost inside the Arctic circle to some of the most famous ones in Europe.

One good example is the Namsen river which is the second best salmon river in Norway and Gartland being the best pool on it. English fishing lords fished this magnificent private pool already over a hundred years ago. 

This incredible pool is entirely at our disposal during the fishing period. Historic Rossetness Gård accommodates us warmly and offers the boats for our disposal. As well as harling there are good spots for fishing from the bank.

The beat is private water and no individual fishing licenses are sold. The only way to fish here is through us. The price includes accommodation and the guide services.
Lately the weekly catches have been from 22–54 landed fish. Naturally all depends on the weather, water levels,temperature and other variables.

Another exceptional and private beat is Kengis on the Tornioriver. This is especially suitable for catching big fish. Accommodation is in a over hundred year old cabin on an island with rapids running on both sides of it.

Up north there are numerous small rivers that from which everyone can find what they are looking for. You can hike around the tundra with tents, or find a charming cottage by the riverside.

Whatever you are looking for, I am sure we can make it happen for you.