Fly fishing

As the saying goes, fly fishing is the best thing you can do with your trousers on. Come with us to enjoy the secrets of fly fishing in Scandinavia. You can fly fish in numerous ways and with a never ending number of methods.

We normally concentrate on the salmonides. Our trips are organized all around Europe but the majority of them inside Scandinavia. The target might be trouts in the streams of Finland or beautiful arctic char in Finnmark.

There are lots of places, as methods. We have organized trips for beginners, as well as experienced fly fishers. The favorite have been trips to the small salmon rivers in the north and hikes in the tundra, to some untouched waters. On trips like this we can be in tents or lodged in nice cabins by the river.

With fly fishing it is a never ending learning curv. That what makes it so special.