Sea and lake fishing

The fishing area at sea is the Gulf of Finland and especially Espoo and Porvoo archipelago in southern Finland. Fishing is possible during the whole open water season. In the summer time you catch perch, sander and pike. During spring and autumn even sea trout is possible. Best times for sander is April-July and later in the fall October-November. You are most likely to catchy pike at these times also, but they stay active almost all the season.

We fish from the boat with lure and jig or spoons. Also fly fishing is possible and in certain conditions can be very productive for pike and sea trout. All the fishermen will be applied with necessary safety equipment, sufficient clothing and fishing gear. These trips normally take about 6 to 8 hours.

As everyone knows, Finland is full of lakes. This naturally gives us an unbelievable possibility for fishing. The normal catch is pike, perch and sander, which we can fish for with numerous different methods.

We organize lake fishing all around Finland. The choice of location will depend on what fish is being targeted and with what method. We are happy to make you a suggestion based on your demands.